What Does Midnight Know – new video

We have a new song. đŸ™‚


“What Does Midnight Know”
Close your eyes if you don’t want to see what’s waiting for you in the night
what’s hiding from the light
No don’t look down if you don’t want a peek into the nightmares
that you write when you are bored by life
Do you want to see what’s hiding in the shadows
Do you, do you ever look into the shadows down below

Don’t want to look down

What does midnight know?
Can the truth escape the eyes that follow
Don’t forget they’re watching you
Keeping track of what you do
Do you want to know
What is hiding down below
What is hiding in the shadows
Just pray that it won’t haunt you for life

Don’t want to look down

Don’t look down
Hold on tight
Don’t look down into the night


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