8 thoughts on “Better Than I Know Myself (Adam Lambert cover) – Anto

    • Thanks Lorna! Colour is always a big consideration when we do the vlogs and videos. Anto in particular likes experimenting with the tones and light to see how it changes the atmosphere.

    • Thanks Kimber! I’m a harsh taskmaster for sure! LOL More More More! We’re releasing the next video and the rest of the EP next week so we’re really excited about that. There’s so much to do so he likes taking time out to do the covers and jumping in artistically to figure out a different interpretation that’s all his own.

      (And since people’s responses have been great it’s easier for me to get him to do more! Haha)

      • slave driver- lol- him doing the covers- expands his talents to a wider audience- if that makes sense, people say they get pigeon holed in a genre and as you say he does his
        interpretation of it i know you are loving what you are doing girlie- and i’m so happy for both of you- 🙂

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