15 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Grey is somber, for sure. But it is one of my new favorite colors. It combines the extremes of light and dark. For me, it symbolizes balance and softness.

    Your poem is about loss. Life. Death. Sadness. Somewhere in all the emotions, we have to find our balance. That’s the grey area–the soft spot.

  2. Beautiful!!! I completely understand. Right now I live in a world of grey. I’ve had too much loss in my life in too short of a space of time. Sometimes when something happens and I laugh it startles me and I feel a little guilty for enjoying myself but at the same time I know it means that I am healing and I am grateful for those small bursts of color. ♥x♥

    • Thank you Karen. xo It’s wonderful when colour can find its way back into our worlds again. I hope you laugh without holding back, because you’re right – you’re healing. As for guilt, he’s a shady character who tries to creep in where he doesn’t belong. Banish him! xD

  3. Your words resonate within my being… I know your path. The only other thing I know for sure is that the grey lightens… in time… big hugs and much bright colour be yours, chickie xo

  4. raw words from the heart- the picture to me sweetie- shows that love, respect and caring is still in everyone’s heart, though someone has gone on- so many people are forgotten

    • Thank you! I was afraid it might seem obvious but it’s a true representation of how I feel when I visit that gravestone – especially when I’m with my parents and see their reactions to it.

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