6 thoughts on “Angel’s Solitude by Anto

  1. Hey Brandon! We’ll be happy to see one of our videos on your site at any time. We’ll be releasing a new video within the coming week though that might draw more traffic. It’ll be a vocal (like the acoustic covers we have posted on YouTube) of one of our own songs, “I Believe”. We’d love to push it more than the instrumentals. What do you think?

    • Yes! I totally agree! Anto has a beautiful voice, one that I would describe as being a mix of Adam Lambert and David Cook. No homo here, but it’s a downright “sexy” voice. Haha- so I would totally agree pushing it more than the instrumentals. I can’t wait to hear it!

      • Ahaha – I like that description! 🙂 I’ll make sure you see the acoustic as soon as it’s done. We’re just waiting on a new mic. Since it’s our own song, and one that’s very close to our hearts, we wanted to wait for the new equipment. After that, we’re focusing our energies on releasing the new EP! We’re unbelievably excited to get these songs out into the world!
        Btw, do you ever do interview articles for the blog?

  2. Totally forgot to respond here, Sorry! I’ve actually never done interview articles for the blog, but I would LOVE to if I ever got the chance.

    • You definitely should consider it. I think you’d ask good questions and it’s a great way to bring in blog readers. It’s hard to get good press so I bet you’d be surprised how many indie artists in particular would speak to you.

      If you ever want to interview an Italian singer/songwriter, I can hook you up! 🙂

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