Lyrical Stress

I haven’t touched the novel in weeks…maybe longer. (Much longer). I’ve been working on lyrics and as the stresses of  ‘normal’ life increase exponentially, so have the pressures of writing lyrics to a deadline. The minutes slip away as the studio date draws near.

But finally, my partner in rhyme and I finished writing the lyrics for the final song tonight. It goes without saying that I’m not completely in love with every word but that’s part of the neurotic leanings of a writer. I can’t use enough superlatives to explain how much I love writing these songs together, but I’ll ponder and worry and rewrite until the final moments before recording. Every song needs to be vetted and I know I’ll hate each one of them before the process is over. And then I’ll fall in love with them all over again…

I kick myself because I’m not Shakespeare, but these are pop songs – and considering that one of the top songs right now (I song I might admit to liking *cough*) includes the lyrics, “Boom, boom, boom. Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon…”, maybe I should let go of my neurotic self-flagellation.


The better half of this dynamic duo…

4 thoughts on “Lyrical Stress

  1. I love your blog! I’m sorry I was confused the first time around, but I’m glad you spoke up! I’m kinda loving the music you have here, and would gladly feature you guys on my own site! Thank you for your kind words on my own blog =)

    • Hey! The feeling is completely mutual. I really love what you’re doing and have spread the word via the usual suspects (Twitter and FB). I showed your site to Anto last night and he loved it as well – we would be thrilled to be featured!

  2. He loved it?! That’s big coming from him. That’s awesome! I’ll feature you guys real soon 😉 Any chance you’ll be on iTunes soon?

    • That’s a good question. We decided to go the Bandcamp route with the first EP and so far we haven’t had that discussion about the upcoming EP.

      Thanks so much for wanting to feature our music. It’ll be an honour!

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