5 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. This is one of favourite you wrote..
    Sometimes we feel exhausted and frustrated when we keep to fight and we see that things seem to being the same.. But you said great Chris “until you’re so spent that all that remains is the ability to listen…then you’ve done it right.” that’s so true! You’re a warrior with a big brave heart :*


    • I think by now we’ve figured this out… 🙂

      If you love the person, if you have something worth saving, you keep ‘fighting’ until you finally hear each other. I think if you walk away too soon out of frustration, it means you don’t care enough about what you could lose.

      “You’re a warrior with a big brave heart.” Idem. :*

      • P.S. I think one of the truest signs of trust is the willingness to let go of the ego and just be vulnerable. And the truest sign of love is putting in the effort to find a place where that vulnerability is safe, where both people feel heard and loved again.

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