To the Wordsmiths – and the other people who write

Being a wordsmith is born of passion – the need to put pen to paper is as innate and as necessary as breathing. Motivations obviously differ between writers but the drive to create and express is a point of solidarity.

The artistry of writing is as unique and varied as the authors. Ability aside, there are fundamental differences in the way they approach their work.

Some writers sweat blood over the structure of the story. Plotlines, story arcs and character development are orchestrated with precision tuning. Evolving and refining the craft is part of the thrill.

Some writers get lost in the struggle between the rigidity of grammar and form, and having a singular voice that resounds with creativity. There is a constant battle between the ‘proper’ way and the path that leads somewhere new.

Some writers don’t care about the logistics; passion is their only concern. After all, aren’t form and punctuation just contrivances that stunt the flow of true expression… 

And then there are the writers that kneel down before the gods of mass consumption. In a world that revolves around reality TV, it shouldn’t surprise me that the books that sell the most are the books that challenge the least. I am not a snob when it comes to skill – believe me, I know I am not Shakespeare – but apathy in writing infuriates me.

Not every story needs to qualify as literature; frankly, I enjoy a good vamp series that gives me a fun ride. But there are amazingly talented writers out there who aren’t being read while slop that’s spoon-fed to readers is being consumed like junk food.

Being a good writer isn’t about being Shakespeare. I worship the bard but I also respect other authors who are trying to express honest emotion. I judge writing as I judge all art – I may not like it, I may not think it a skilled piece of work, I may even rewrite it in my head as I go along – but please, please give me some honesty and passion.

I respect enthusiasm.
I respect intention.
I respect sincerity.

I respect a writer who tries.


9 thoughts on “To the Wordsmiths – and the other people who write

    • Oohh you ask the tough questions! ^.~ Summer, so light fare? Have you tried the Stieg Larsson series that starts with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”? They were a bit addictive. At the moment I’m reading a Dan Brown book. The cryptography is fun. I was also reading Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” but I got annoyed with the characters and put it down. Oh, have you ever read Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series? I love those!

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