My Partner in Rhyme

I’ve never been a team player.

Oh, I work well with others – I share my toys and encourage everyone, and I’m really good at being in charge – but I’d much rather work alone. Too independent, too impatient and frankly, too resistant to authority, I hate being part of the crowd. Even as a child I’d do anything to avoid the dreaded group projects at school. “Pick a partner” was the battle-cry of sadists posing as teachers.

So imagine my surprise to find out that there’s one person in this world with whom I can write. Write! Personal and deeply introspective, the process of writing has no rules or universal truths. It’s as individual as each writer – even from project to project the process can change dramatically. So then how is it possible that I can not only write with someone else but revel in the joy of it…

I write with my best friend.

We don’t always write together; I have my novels and whatever else sparks my imagination, while he has his songs and stories, his poetry… But there are times when we come together to work on something and it surpasses anything else I’ve ever done as a writer. Suddenly, there’s joy in finding the right combination of words. There’s excitement when we realize at the same moment that a sentence is perfect. There’s a bond in creating something together. We know each other so deeply, know how the other one thinks, how the other one sees the world… I think we create something together that neither one of us could create on our own.  

I’m still not a team player. I couldn’t duplicate this experience with anyone else – nor do I want to try. There’s a trust and love that doesn’t exist anywhere but inside of us and it’s that bond that allows us to go beyond building worlds. It’s about creating something intimate. It’s about what exists between us… Maybe that’s the magic…


2 thoughts on “My Partner in Rhyme

  1. I love this!!! I feel like I’ve just had a glimpse into your private world. Soul mates writing together yet half a world apart and we are the beneficiaries of your talents and passions. Thanks for sharing! ♥x♥

  2. You leave the best comments Karen! 😀
    I wish I could remember exactly when I first wrote this – whether we’d already started writing songs together or not. I don’t think so. ^^
    Writing songs with Anto is sincerely one of the greatest joys of my life – both professionally and personally, on so many levels.

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